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Simple IFTA is the easy way to prepare your Fuel Tax Report.

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Our Pricing
1 Truck $15
2 - 10 Trucks $25
11 - 25 Trucks $50
Above 26 Trucks $100

How it works?

In few steps you can generate your Fuel Tax Report using Simple IFTA.

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Add miles and gallons purchased

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How to submit your IFTA return to base jurisdiction office?

Please follow the steps to submit your IFTA return to base jurisdiction office.

After a successful registration, login to Simple IFTA Portal.
Add your Truck (VIN) details.
Update datewise IVMR based on the selected quarter.
Pay Simple IFTA fee (Starts From $15)
Generate and download the PDF in state specific Form IFTA-101 & 102 template.
Take the printout of IFTA return and courier to base jurisdiction office along with due amount check.
Receive the IFTA sticker from base jurisdiction office.